FILM // 3


It's been super rainy this weekend which makes me both very emo and happy. Decided to stay in tonight and relax with my family which has turned out to be very nice. We've been snacking on coconut rice and watching crummy shows on TLC.

Today is my brother's 33rd birthday. Pretty crazy how fast the time flies! It's important for me to still acknowledge him in my life and celebrate these dates with my family and in my own heart. If he were still here we'd probably be making chili and playing video games; oh, how the times have changed!

Got some film developed from my favorite camera store in Encinitas. It's one of the only places I know of in SD that still develops film! They turned out real nice. Probably because my friends are all so beautiful. Pictures are from our trip to San Francisco this past month.

Haley and Anne eating like queens after an amazing service at Reality, SF.

Good friends/light leaks.

Emily, a smiling beauty who currently resides in the city. 

Ryanne str8 ROCKING these

Name that font. (Alexa can.)

The best boot & curl combination you will find.

Shmexy lace (Free People does it again) and a nice view.

Happy March 1st! :)




Sunday evening online shopping blues has led me to writing about my feelings on the word "local."

San Diego has turned into a town that's way into anything and everything that's labeled "local." It's funny to me how many trains we hop on as consumers, willing to spend insane amounts of money on trendy goodies. I've kinda been secretly hating on these "local" companies thinking they sell extremely average products for a ridiculously high price, buttt I'm slowly to starting to understand the appeal.

Take a look at Rais Case. The owner started designing laptop cases back in 2010, and her hobby slowly developed into a successful company. These pieces are unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and all handmade right here in San Diego. After checking out the store multiple times I can honestly say these products are well-made and the price point is right on; each piece is designed with genuine attention to esthetic, functionality, and quality. Rais Case has definitely got me excited about shopping "local," because it feels pretty cool to support a brand I love that is thriving in my community.

You should check out their stuff here.

A pic I snapped in an amazing cross-body.

My top 4...

1. Vida Cross-body
2. Planter Koozie
3. Cross Pillow Cover
4. Leather Tassel Keychain 

Hope this weekend was filled with rest.




It's Christmas Eve! Hard to believe when it's 70 degrees outside but I'll take it. 

Here are my holiday favorites...

But more importantly than all of that...

I know from experience that the holidays come with lots of stress and in a weird way some sadness, too. I'm always worried about something on Christmas morning (gifts/family drama/blablabla)…I pray that this year amongst the troubles, we are all able to feel authentic joy because Christmas marks the birth of a savior and a legitimate solution to any sort of pain. 

Merry Christmas!



Not sure why I took a break from writing on here, but it happened! Weird to read over my summer posts and see how things change even over just a few short months. My semester is coming to an end and I'm looking forward to getting out of San Diego and starting school in a new place. Six more months to go. Drew is leaving for Canada in January to study in Vancouver for the semester. Very bittersweet for us both! Excited for him to explore a new place on his own terms. He deserves adventure! Hoping to visit him with a few friends sometime in Febuary.

I'm not a huge Christmas person, but I cannot deny the joy December brings! It has been a BIT chilly here in San Diego. Vest weather fosho. My family decided to get a real tree this year for the first time EVER! It was so fun picking it out and now my entire house smells like a forrest. I'm sure the scent is normal to most people but it's still shockin' my senses on the daily. We also got to take some Christmas card photos at a really sweet spot in Encinitas! Alexa's friend Paloma photographed us and she is absolutely amazing! She's a truly talented and Godly woman indeed.

We gettin' kina huggy.

My dad making me laugh as **always.**

You can check out more of Paloma's goodies here

I hope to be blogging regularly again because it really is a sweet little time capsule for me! Cheers to easy finals at Mira Costa.



FILM // 2

Back to school so soon. Time flies too fast. Got more film developed featuring some of my favorites of the summer.

Made two pies this week, both came out lovely in their own way. Excited to post a recipe soon!