I haven't posted on here in forever. Since Drew and I are both Facebook-less I figured I could post my favorites from our shoot here:)!

I'm so happy with how these turned out. Highly recommend miracle worker Gregory Woodman for all y'alls picture needs.




FINALLY got this roll of film developed from this past semester. The film is from a little photo project Drew and I did while he was away in Canada. I started with the camera in SD and took pictures of things I was doing or images that reminded me of him. It was a sweet way for me to be thinking about him when I traveled or did something exciting during the day. I then took the camera to Portland and passed it off to Drew, who took the COOLEST pictures of snow and friends and various Canadian things. We're super stoked on the pictures because they're highly reminiscent of the time we spent apart and the ways we grew while doing so. I think this might be our new long distance standard.

Santa Monica versus Vancouver.

Portland signage.

Old Town.

From Drew's trip to Lake Louise. 

Vancouver Island.

Canadian cherry blossoms. 




When I think of freedom…

*Photo Credit*

I think of this. A scene straight out of a Free People catalog where a girl in a flowy dress dances in the waves careless and content. This girl is stress-free, self-assured, and independent. She makes her own decisions and does what makes her feel alive.

FREEDOM has become a cliche to me. It's a word I hear so dang much that the weight of what it means has really become diluted. I hear freedom in regards to being an American, freedom that comes from moving away from my parents and making my own decisions, and freedom in Christ. BUT, what the heck does that mean? I am "free" from  my sins?

Freedom in my faith is a concept that I want to grow more in tune with. I want this freedom to not be a word I overuse or speak to sound spiritual, but instead a word that is entirely descriptive of the way I live my life. Because I follow Jesus, I have freedom. Freedom to live in the way that the CREATOR OF LIFE HIMSELF designed for me to live it. I have the freedom to follow the most perfect cheat sheet, one that gives me strength, courage, a gentle spirit, and joy. Because I have chosen to live my life as a Christian, I am no longer bound to my sins. I am FREE from the weight that messing up gives me, because I chose Jesus and he carries that for me. I do not have to uphold worldly standards or derive my worth based on popular opinion. Instead, I freely receive affirmation in my soul from Jesus himself that I am loved, worthy, unique, and on the right track. The guidelines Jesus has set for me are GOOD restrictions that allow me to live and explore freely WITHIN a realm that makes me happy. If I step outside of those guidelines ("break the rules," "sin,") I am technically free by the world's standards. (And because I am me,  I do this way more than I should.) BUT, I have betrayed the Lord's standard of freedom in which I am pure, innocent, and excited. And when I think about this, why should I feel tempted to do that?

In Bible study we spoke about this freedom, and were asked to meditate on if we think God's commandments give us freedom or restrict us. Basically, I think it boils down to mindset. I must set my heart on the fact that I was given rules so that I may freely and carelessly live abiding to them. I should be excited about abstaining from sex, not getting drunk, and spending Sundays at church rather than see those things as hindrances to living a cool and exciting life. I am thankful that God gave me the choice to decide if I wanted to live life according to His rules, because I feel that I have power in that choice. I am thankful that He has set me free from the ways of this world, and carefully and intentionally designed my life so that I may glorify Him. 



Happy Summer!

It seems like I blog once per season so here goes my seasonal post.

Finals are done and the temperature has subtly cooled. Ah, May.

For me, summer is a very telling time for my relationship with Jesus. I have a lot less distractions, so it's a season in which I have to intentionally choose what I want my walk to look like with newfound free time.

I'm really thankful for the Bible. Not because it gives me structure or teaches me cool new rules to follow, but because every single time I study it I become more and more confident in my decision to choose to pursue Jesus. Somedays mind drifts off and I'm tempted to think about why I need Jesus, how much of the Bible is true, and why the heck I call myself a Christian. But every single time I open my Bible, the words I read completely affirm everything I believe in my core. Words of truth and justice. Stories of quiet people receiving acknowledgement, short people being noticed, and weird people getting credit for their awesomeness.

Today in church we learned about the difference between works and faith. How it can be really stressful knowing what rules to follow and which rules we're allowed to break. How we're human so innately we want to bend every rule so that we can live the way we want. I was so drawn to the message because I feel it's really easy to get caught up in all of that nonsense. It's simple to be tempted to live according to a singular verse, and to cast all others aside when you want to do something you're forbidden to do. Living legalistically seemingly justifies all sinful thoughts. It's fun to attempt to be perfect, to live a day serving for three charities and to go to two church services. But in reality, none of that makes any sense.

If we are in a constant pursuit of Jesus, reading our Bibles genuinely and praying authentically not worried about rules or judgments, a structured, pure, and law-abiding life will naturally flow out of us! We will have a relationship with Jesus not just in theory, but in genuine tangible ways.

I feel inspired to live a summer like this. To spend my time seeking out Jesus not because I'm told but because everything He tells me to do I want to do. Everything He has written completely aligns with the life I want to live.


FILM // 3


It's been super rainy this weekend which makes me both very emo and happy. Decided to stay in tonight and relax with my family which has turned out to be very nice. We've been snacking on coconut rice and watching crummy shows on TLC.

Today is my brother's 33rd birthday. Pretty crazy how fast the time flies! It's important for me to still acknowledge him in my life and celebrate these dates with my family and in my own heart. If he were still here we'd probably be making chili and playing video games; oh, how the times have changed!

Got some film developed from my favorite camera store in Encinitas. It's one of the only places I know of in SD that still develops film! They turned out real nice. Probably because my friends are all so beautiful. Pictures are from our trip to San Francisco this past month.

Haley and Anne eating like queens after an amazing service at Reality, SF.

Good friends/light leaks.

Emily, a smiling beauty who currently resides in the city. 

Ryanne str8 ROCKING these

Name that font. (Alexa can.)

The best boot & curl combination you will find.

Shmexy lace (Free People does it again) and a nice view.

Happy March 1st! :)